Is Your Family Falling Sick Often? 

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Why You or Your Loved Ones Fall Sick Easily

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Inflammation Could Be The Culprit; Antioxidants The Answer.

The Answer To Staying
Healthy & Strong

Boost Your Immune System

Antioxidants help fight inflammation and strengthen your immune system. You can get antioxidants from food. 

Protect and Support Healthy Cells 

The human body, including your hair, skin, organs and brain, is made up of trillions of cells. Free radicals (toxic molecules from air pollution, fried food, smoking, alcohol, etc.) attack these cells to steal electrons. Antioxidants stop them from damaging our healthy cells. Having healthy cells means you'll have a healthy body.

Wide-ranging Benefits 

Antioxidants fall into 3 broad categories: phytochemicals, vitamins and enzymes. Each antioxidant provides a different benefit. For example, Flavonoids are beneficial for your heart and Vitamin C protects your skin from UV damage. Antioxidants are thus not interchangeable. It's important to consume as many different antioxidants as possible by having a varied diet.

Fruits like apples are high in antioxidants and vitamins the body needs.


Dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are high in nutrients that help fight diseases.


Add an extra layer of protection to your body's natural defenses with antioxidant supplements.


Our body is designed to heal itself.

By giving it the right antioxidant, we can help our body do this job.

Get 3 Antioxidant-Rich Recipes

We know how difficult it is to get kids to eat healthy food. But healthy food doesn't have to taste bad. With Dr Vincent's recipes, you can incorporate ingredients high in antioxidants into your family's meals and still taste amazing (even your fussy kids will love them).

The World's Foremost Expert on Phenolic Antioxidants

By Dr Vincent

Phenolic Antioxidant from Apple

The Strongest & Most Potent Antioxidant

Dr Vincent Candrawinata

Sources of Antioxidants

Antioxidants can be found in fruits and vegetables. Amongst all types of antioxidants, phenolic antioxidants are more superior than others. Phenolic Antioxidants from apples are the strongest and most potent. When they are 100% naturally extracted and concentrated into supplements with our patented technology, they become powerful antioxidants with numerous proven health benefits that neutralise a wide range of free radicals. 

More 'arms' (-HO & -OH) to catch more 'free radical' molecules that pollute our body and attack our cells.


Phenolic Antioxidant

Common Antioxidant

Worldwide Researcher, Clinical Nutritionist,
Food Scientist and Health Expert 

Our body is fighting inflammation every day.

Inflammation weakens your immune system and manifests as a cold, flu or sickness.

High stress level, unhealthy diet and lack of sleep are some causes that result in inflammation.

Inflammation causes our cells to mutate and thus increases the risk of degenerative diseases (e.g. heart disease, allergy, cancer).